Massive congratulations from the Chatham team go out to Izzy who has just checked in after the RS:X World Championships in Cadiz. They ran from 20th to the 29th of March.

I have just got back home to Cornwall after finishing the world championships on Wednesday!

I finished 17th which I am super happy about! The previous worlds in Perth in December I was 31st, and  I also managed to finish 2nd  among the Under 21s.

I have been training in Spain on and off since January and the wind averaged 5-20knots. For the whole regatta a local wind blew called the Lavente, it averaged 25 and gusted 30 knots on the days we could sail, and 2 days of the regatta where we couldn’t sail maxed 50knots!

I am now home for a week and then straight back to training in Weymouth for a week then driving out to Hyere for one of the ISAF World Tour Races! Thank you for your support!


P.S. I've included a few photos from the race.

Izzy Hamilton

Izzy Hamilton

And if you're new to windsurfing, check out some of the action from Cadiz: