Volume 1 – An Introduction & A Call For Submissions


I’m a firm believer that the best place to start is at the beginning.


Chatham Marine began in 1989 as purveyors of fine clothing and footwear for “ship and shore”. A mantle we still take great pride in, and one which has earned us some of the most loyal followers.

1989 Catalogue Inset

1989 Catalogue Inside Cover

Now based in Devon’s lovely cathedral town of Exeter, our emphasis on quality, style and durability has not changed. With that in mind, we know that our world famous boat shoes and much loved clothing are part of a whole marine lifestyle.


Not a week goes by that we don’t receive a letter or e-mail from a customer who has had their deck shoes for 5,10 and sometimes more years, desperate to extend their life just that little bit longer. That got us thinking, if those shoes could talk, what would they say?


That’s why we’ve created this space, so that we can share the things we all love together. Share our trips to far away shores, both the journey and all the things in between that happened when we got there.

Sailing across the Atlantic? Show us your photos.

Walking the Milford Track in New Zealand’s Fiordland? Tell us.

Competing during Cowes Week’s? Come say hello, we’ll be there.

Attending Silverstone for the Formula One? Make sure you wear your deck shoes to look the part 

AW12 Country Collection LaunchesFancy a bit of windsurfing? Izzy’s got you covered

Like a walk in the country? So do we. 

We make quality products for real people who do real things in their everyday lives. So don’t be shy, get in touch!

Send in your photos, your stories, your requests, your questions, anything, we want to hear it, however you want to share it.


Email: blog@chatham-marine.co.uk




Or… just comment below.


Next time: Deck shoe tips and tricks