Saw this in our travels…..

Friends over at Guy Style Guide have used our Bermuda G2 in Walnut as a perfect example of summer style….


“It’s time once again for my occasional feature on universal ideas for fashion in the forthcoming seasons. Let’s take a peek at the sizzling looks that’ll be making their way to the shelves over the spring and summer months, but will still appeal long after the fine weather has vanished.

Deck Shoes

Come the height of summer, you’ll be trying to decide which sandals to wear at your resort holiday. But what happens when you need to need to break free from the confines of the poolside area? The answer lies in deck shoes

Bermuda G2 Deck Shoe in Walnut

Midway between loafers and espadrilles, topsiders are a perfect compromise for those seeking an informal shoe. Don’t go for traditional nautical pageantry though, unless you plan on sailing away next season; instead, find your favorite neutral tone that’ll match everything inside your wardrobe.”

Thanks for the shout out guys.