Have you bought a pair of deck shoes but don’t have a clue what to wear them with? Even worse have you never bought a pair a deck shoe with fear that the outfit just won’t fit? Well fear no more because the trusty boat is perhaps one of the most versatile shoes going, there is a style, a shade and a shape to suit just about every fashion sense and unique look.


At Chatham we pride ourselves on providing something for everyone, from quirky external stitching, bright laces, a range of fabrics and most importantly for us, quality materials built to last. So whether you’re looking for your next suave/smart style or some laid back daytime kicks we have the shoe for you in our exciting Autumn/Winter collection.

 Here are just a few of our top picks:



 For men

1.   Aruba Boat Shoes 

These super stylish and comfortable quality moccasin constructed boat shoes, go with just about everything.  Why not try them with Jeans and Chinos for a smart or casual look.


ARUBA TAN NAVY_preview.jpg


2. Byron Deck Shoes

These are an excellent lightweight casual deck shoe,  great for life on the move. By in Tan for a versatile smart look.


 BYRON TAN_preview.jpg



For Women


1.Pippa II G2 Boat Shoe  

We all need a dash of colour in our shoe closet and you can’t go wrong with these always popular boat shoes by Chatham. Even better in the winter when we needs our days brightened up. 


PIPPA AQUA TAN_preview.jpg


2. Julie Navy Pink Leather Women Deck Shoe

A great looking canoe fronted deck shoe that can be worn with shorts, trousers and a skirt. This shoe is all about the detail, with its unique external stitching and beautiful contrasting blue and pink colouring.


JULIE NAVY PINK_preview.jpg



How you find the right deck shoe for you?

Boat shoes come in a wide range of colours and styles and are made from a range of materials including canvas and leather. Your first choice when it comes to choosing your boat shoe should be about function, are your shoes for activity, style or relaxation and from here select a look that fits.

One thing that makes all boat shoes stand out is their simplistic design, rubber sole and easy slip on shape. No matter what style you like, comfort is always key with the trusty boat.


How do you know your shoes are the perfect fit?

When you find your perfect pair of shoes, there should be a half an inch of space between your big toe and the top of the shoe when standing up. The ball of your foot should fit neatly into the widest part of the shoe.


You must break them in!!

When you have chosen your shoe is it important to break them in properly. Wear them for small amounts each day, maybe around the house or a short walk to the shop until they feel comfortable enough to keep on all day.


Don’t forget to check out the Autumn Winter Collection, for boat shoes and so much more.