When purchasing a new pair of leather shoes, the newfound excitement and long awaited joy you experience is more often than not superseded by the pain and discomfort you feel from the new materials rubbing on your feet, especially with deck shoes on bare skin.

With a few simple adjustments however, you can go out in style and comfort in the peace of mind that you won’t develop day-ruining blisters.


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In hindsight it may seem obvious, but preparing yourself for blisters can be a key aid in fighting back pain and discomfort from the get-go. Use a moisturiser on areas that you are blister-prone such as the heel, toes and ball of your foot – this can create a divide between your skin and the leather to ease friction.

Another method is to use blister plasters or tape to act as a cushion.

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Another known method is to simply wear the shoes at home before going outside. Wearing the shoes will force them to mould to your foot shape to create a more comfortable fit, as well as reduce pressure in tighter areas.

If your job involves sitting down for long periods, wear them under your desk to maximise the exposure they have to your feet.

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For a more drastic course of action, use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to blast your shoes which will make them suppler, perfect for a faster approach. Try walking in the shoes straight after heating, as this is when they are more willing to flex into the correct mould.

Apply two to three blasts of 30 seconds consecutively after walking to stretch the leather.


If these solutions do not work, then we may have the unusual answer that could make the difference:

-1- Place a sandwich bag half full of water into the area that you need stretching – this could be the toes, sides or heel of the shoes.

-2- Place the shoes in the freezer ensuring that the water cannot leak, as this may damage your shoes in certain situations.

-3- Leave to freeze overnight – The water will expand and create a block of ice that should push on the leather within the shoe to give it a bit more space.

-4- Take the ice out and leave the shoe to recover from the cold temperature. You can try them back on now to see if there is a difference, if not, place back into the freezer with water until they are the perfect fit.


If after all of this you still can’t break them in – return them, and check out our comprehensive list of leather shoes for unrivalled comfort, using our signature Chatham Sole Spring Poron Performance Cushioning to ease your transition from a new, to loved, pair of shoes.

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