How to Look After your Deck Shoes


If you think that people don’t notice your shoes, think again. Whether it’s members of the opposite sex, potential employers or even just your friends, the state of your shoes speaks volumes about you and your lifestyle choices. In short: it pays to keep your shoes looking fresh! In addition to the ‘first impressions last’ aspect, there’s also the longevity incentive. The better care you take of your footwear, the longer they’ll last.

Beat the Elements


By their very nature, deck shoes tend to take more of a beating than most footwear. If you wear them on your boat, the salt levels in the sea air can affect the leather, drying it out and causing it to crack. Our Waterproofing Balm isn’t simply a defensive barrier.  It contains almond oil and natural waxes allowing it to be absorbed by the leather. This is ideal for helping to replenish and enhance leather that has dried out or may be looking passed its best. Even if you’re not the nautical type, waterproofing Balm is great no matter where you tend to wear your deck shoes.


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Leather and Suede


Our Natural Beeswax Leather Polish is great for leather deck shoes. Available in four colours (Black, Navy, Brown and Neutral), it’s a simple way to ensure that your boat shoes always look their best. However, many boat shoes are made with suede, which can prove trickier to maintain. An easy solution is to sprinkle them with maize meal overnight, before brushing them through with a brass-bristle suede brush, with which you can ensure the grain of the suede is uniform. Alternatively, there are suede waxes and creams available.


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Don’t Forget your Laces!


Anyone who’s worn deck shoes will know that the laces take a lot of wear and tear. Over time, the leather can stretch and fray and won’t do its job properly, meaning your deck shoes won’t fit as comfortably as they should. Replacing laces isn’t hard to do and our Leather Laces are available in four colours. However, if you want to ensure you do as good a job as possible, take a look at our Leather Lacing Kits. These come with a professional-standard lacing tool and laces that can be cut to size.

Take care of your deck shoes and they’ll last a long time. Most of the maintenance processes are simple enough and will help you get the most from your favourite footwear.


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