Ladies Riding Boot Style Tips


Despite all the whims and fancies of fashion trends, knee-high and calf-length boots have never gone out of style. Practical in poorer weather and suitably svelte when the sun’s out, they’re just as at home with skirts and jeans, as they are with dresses and trousers.

A well-designed pair of calf-length or knee-high boots can make you feel confident and either ensure that your silhouette is long and elegant or counterbalance the flows and folds of a floatier ensemble. At Chatham, we’re proud of our superb women’s boot collection.

Knee High Style


When it comes to comfort, warmth, durability and style, it can be tricky to find something that matches all of these features well. You may find a boot that performs well in one, but not another. However, our Ascot knee high equestrian riding boots do just that. With soft quilted side panels, you’ll be sure to look the part no matter what activity you are involved in. They’re not just for horse riding, and we recommend wearing them pretty much anywhere, especially with a pair of skinny jeans in black or navy, the darker colours will compliment them well.

The Ascot comes in three varying styles, the first being brown with tan side panels – perfect for a splash of colour. Our second option replaces the light tan with a fully brown boot for those who prefer block colour and darker tones. Lastly, the same style comes without the side panelling in brown for those who prefer a continuous material in block colour.


Ascot Waterproof High Leg Riding Boots

Calf Length Chic


For a similar style that forgoes the length of a knee high riding boot, our Paddock ends at the calf of the leg, a lot shorter, but definitely not lacking in style or comfort. Once again, these come in two colour options: brown and brown / tan.

Wear these boots with a pair of knee length socks and skirt to create a youthful and fun outfit. Alternatively, you could wear shorts, just look out for the weather.


Paddock Boots