Like an expensive watch or your designer handbag, high quality leather footwear should be an investment purchase. Care for the leather well and your pair of shoes will stand the test of time, staying with you year after year.



So the question is how do you protect your investment and keep those shoes looking great? Here are some simple tips to make sure your shoes stand the test of time.


1. Water Logged

If your shoes become wet from the rain, don’t rush to dry them quickly by exposing them to direct heat. This can cause the leather to crack or loosen adhesives, instead stuff your shoes with newspaper and leave them to dry over time.


2. Shoe Racks

You may be tempted to leave your shoes in their original packaging or box for long periods of time, instead place your shoes on a shoe rack to ensure the materials remain unharmed.


3. Shoe Horns

Look after the heals of your shoes by using a shoe horn. Stepping down the backs of your heals will change the structure and shape of the shoe. Keep them comfortable and in shape by taking care when putting them on.


4. Luxury Polish

If you have made an investment in some great quality leather shoes, be sure not to skimp with your bog standard polish. Instead look for a good quality wax polish to protect your leather and give a high shine finish. Not only will the use of a good quality polish ensure your shoes look great for your everyday wear, but you can prolong the life of the upper and maintain their new appearance over time.

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5. Change Your Shoes

If you have bought a pair of shoes that you really love, the tendency is to wear them all the time with just about every outfit combination, this in itself can really damage the shoe. Give your leather time to recover and spring back to their original state.


Leather shoes are a fantastic investment and something that should last and look great for years to come. The key is making sure you take care of your shoes and treat them with care.


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