Must Have Sailing Footwear


It’s Cowes Week and, as the Official Footwear Sponsor of this renowned regatta, we’re there showing off our sailing shoes, sailing boots and deck shoes. To celebrate this action-packed event, here’s a handy guide to the footwear every sailor should have in his or her kit bag.

The Sailing Shoe


If you’re planning to head out on the water regularly, it’s a good idea to pick up a pair of high-quality shoes that have been designed with the needs of sailors in mind. The key to choosing a great pair of sailing shoes is to look for styles that are packed with practical features – and, if you opt for some that are stylish and versatile enough to be worn while you’re participating in other activities, you’ll get even more for your money.


Must Have Sailing Footwear

Our award-nominated Men’s Aqua-Go Performance Sailing Shoes, for example, feature our advanced Aqua-Go Tread+ System, as well as razor cut siping on the soles to give you outstanding grip when it’s wet. They also dry exceptionally quickly, thanks to a unique, three-layer drainage system. Ultra-light for convenience, they are anatomically designed, so you’ll be able to enjoy the superb comfort that comes from wearing a barefoot-style shoe while you’re on deck.

Versatile enough to be worn when participating in a wide range of activities, including kayaking and hiking as well as sailing, our Aqua-Go G2 Performance Sailing Shoes are available in two striking styles – the Mist and Breaker. We stock each style in a selection of appealing colours too.


Must Have Sailing Footwear

The Sailing Boot


If you’re a keen sailor, you’ll find that good sailing boots are essential when tackling rough seas, particularly in winter, as they’ll keep your feet cosy even when water gets on the deck. The most important thing to look for when choosing sailing boots is to ensure that they are waterproof, so that your feet will stay dry. You should also choose comfortable, breathable sailing boots that provide you with the grip and support you need while you’re on the water.

Our Men’s Artemis sailing boots feature 100% waterproof leather with a Sympatex breathable lining on the inside with a tab at the back for easy, practical use. These boots also offer a heavy jumbo sole with Sole Spring Poron Performance Cushioning for extra grip on all surfaces – the unquestionable choice when it comes to marine adventurers.

Must Have Sailing Footwear

The Boat Shoe


No sailor’s footwear collection is complete unless it contains at least one pair of boat shoes. You’ll find some handy tips to help you when you’re shopping for boat shoes in one of our previous blogs. However, make sure you choose a pair from a reputable manufacturer and look for practical features, like non-slip soles and rust-proof eyelets.

Our Men’s Pacific II G2 Boat Shoes, for example, boast rot-proof thread, rust-proof eyelets and non-marking, grip-enhanced rubber soles. Machine-washable for the ultimate in convenience, they look just as good when worn shore side as they do on deck.

Our Women’s Alcyone II G2 Slip On Boat Shoes are also ideal for wearing on the water or dry land. Beautifully stylish in natural tones of navy, grey or stone, they are made from soft, washable, nubuck leather and feature full length, padded and perforated leather socks for comfort.


Must Have Sailing Footwear