Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gifts

You may have already gotten most of your presents in by October, but for a lot of you, it may be a week to go and you’re starting to worry what to get your mother-in-law for Christmas! Do not panic though, as easy as it is for us to say, take a look at some of our suggestions to get you thinking.

For Him

Waterproof Winter Boots

Whilst the weather has taken a turn for the worst, find out what shoe size they are and get them a pair of waterproof boots that’ll keep them warm, dry and comfortable throughout winter.

Homemade Dessert

If you enjoy baking then create a dessert for them to enjoy. You could create jars full of different chocolate sauces to embrace their sweet tooth.


A pair of slippers will keep them warm all evening, perfect for long dark weekends.

Whisky Glass Set

Although slippers and boots will keep them cosy, nothing can beat the warmth that a glass of whisky brings, so go out and find the perfect drinking set.

Record Player

For that nostalgic needle sound – a record player and a few of their favourite vinyl’s to go with it.

For Her

Polaroid Camera

You can’t beat the feeling of taking a photo and have it appear right in front of you and watching it develop.

Flavoured Gin

Around this time of year the various flavours of gin become more prominent, from orange to candy cane and everything in-between.

Heated Car Blanket

Getting into a cold car is one of the worst winter experiences. A heated blanket will take the chill off.

Wine Glass Set

Relax into the night with a glass or several of the finest or cheapest wine you can find with a set of beautifully elegant glasses.

Photograph Album

If you have enough time you could find images of you together and include them, not only is this a great gift, but can be looked back on for years to come.

Simple Gifts

If you are really struggling to find the right gift or have waited until the very last minute, then there’s always the option to receive a gift card. The receipt can be placed in a Christmas card or decorated with homemade items to add a special touch. The type of gift card you decide on can be highly regarded from the recipient. For example, if they love TV and film, then get them a cinema pass that they can go to watch whenever they want.

Another great idea is to make a donation on behalf of the recipient, if they feel passionate about a certain cause then this can be the perfect way of showing that you listen and understand, and they will definitely appreciate It.