The Chelsea Boot Styles Your Wardrobe Needs


Easily recognisable with their close fitting and elastic side panel, the Chelsea boot has gone down in folklore as an iconic form of British footwear. Timeless in their style and endurable over time and terrain, this quintessential boot has remained a men’s and women’s favourite for over 200 years… yes 200 years, and continues to be at the forefront of worldwide fashion today.

But before becoming one of the trendiest lifestyle boots to grace our feet, the Chelsea boot was actually not quite the fashionable boot we see on so many people’s feet today. Originally known as a ‘paddock boot’ in the 1950’s due to its walking and riding uses, It wasn’t actually until a group of trendy media folk that hung about Chelsea and wore the boots, did the name became universally known.


Kirk Goodyear Welted Chelsea Boots


Over time the boot itself has matured and graced us with many styles, materials, upper designs and colours. With the addition of a Cuban heel being added in the 1960’s, the boot truly defined itself as a stylish form of footwear worn by everyone from famous bands like The Beatles and Rolling Stones, to artists and socialites.

With so much British heritage rooted in the vulcanised leather of the original boot, it’s only right that we pay tribute to such a classic footwear style by recommending some of our styles that are set to open up your wardrobe this year.


Dudley II Brogue Chelsea Boots

For All out Style


The Chelsea boot is versatile and allows for use anywhere across terrain, event and dress code. Our first style on offer, the Dudley II, exemplifies this with its Goodyear welted sole and brogue detailing for a touch of class. Not only can you safely say these boots are of a high quality, but you can also rest assured that no matter where you tread, you will do so in absolute classic, well-loved luxury styling.

These boots come in a range of colours for use with any outfit and will see you take to the forefront of any event you go to, whether this is a formal interview or a catch-up with friends or family. They also come with a rubber tread on the heel and forepart for extra comfort and durability in all environments. These are not only for the indoors – be prepared to traverse your world in refined, yet rugged splendour.


Dudley II Brogue Chelsea Boots



For a sleeker style that has all the qualities without the broguing, then our Kirk Chelsea boots are the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. With a history that spans decades, the iconic boot style has remained relatively unchanged and Kirk encapsulates this with a modest heel, rounded toes and an elasticated entry.

As with all our shoes, these come in two colour options, black and brown. For a modern, urban and formal choice, make sure to go for black as these will match with darker colours well suited to smart occasions. Brown on the other hand is a more rural colour and can be utilised out-and-about with warmer clothes, especially during the colder autumn/winter months.


Kirk Goodyear Welted Chelsea Boots