What Are Driving Moccasins?

And How to Wear Them

Toga Driving Moccasins

– History & Heritage –

Driving Moccasins were born out of the desire to have a comfortable, stylish and practical shoe when driving, as previously, wearing formal dress shoes wasn’t ideal.

The design comes from native-American moccasins that were worn in tribes – these shoes were often made out of deerskin or other soft leather. The driving moccasin however, benefits from having small tabs on the bottom of the sole which aid grip. When driving, the tabs ensure friction between the feet and pedals whilst being flexible enough to move sharply.

During more recent times however, the style has been seen as a summer necessity to be worn around – and not just when driving. The lightweight and breathable shoe offers a great balance between durability and manoeuvrability.

Bentley Driving Moccasins

– How to Wear –

The Driving Moccasin is a casual shoe. We recommend pairing them with Jeans, chinos, trousers or a skirt / dress and definitely skip wearing socks, ones that are visible anyway. The often bold colours add to a sense of flair and eccentricity, so think where and when to adorn them.

To tie up your appearance, a pair of sunglasses are not only great for keeping the sun out of your eyes, but lend themselves to a cool, calm and collected persona.

– For Men –


Suede Driving Moccasins


Navy // Rust // Cappuccino // Admiral Blue

Parker Driving Moccasins
Parker Driving Moccasins
Parker Driving Moccasins

The Parker is crafted from premium suede in a variety of striking colours, with the super-soft, slip-on style permeating a laidback demeanour – these really are the style for sitting back and taking everything in your stride. The quintessential weekend shoe, find yourself going about your normal business in enhanced style

– For Women –


Suede Driving Moccasins


Grey // Pink // Sky Blue / Yellow

Aria Driving Moccasins
Aria Driving Moccasins
Aria Driving Moccasins

A classic driving shoe with timeless appeal. These moccasin designed shoes are made from the finest quality suede leathers in a range of bright and bold colours. The contrasting off-white stitching, allows for a perfectly thought out pair of shoes that can fulfil your wish for comfort, style and design quality, all in one.

– Care Guide –

1. Purchase a suede brush – A suede brush can be used when there’s small amounts of dirt clogged in the materials grain. Simply, brush in the same direction of the material as you don’t want to alter the appearance. For any larger stains or scuffs, you can use the brush to go in both directions to lift it off, but make sure this is done whilst they are dry.

2. If the brush doesn’t work, use a knife – When trying to lift dirt and scuffs that are matted down and the brush doesn’t lift it, try using a knife to gently scrape the grain upwards again. This is only recommended when a suede brush doesn’t work and the material won’t budge.

3. You can purchase a suede rubber – A suede rubber may seem odd, but just like a usual eraser for a pencil, this will remove light stains and marks that have accrued during use.

4. Use a spray protection – Before wearing your shoes or after cleaning, use a suede protection spray to cover the shoes. This will prevent these same marks, scuffs and dirt from matting the material down and causing damage. This won’t however, make your shoes more resistant to the rain but you can purchase additional water protection sprays if this is necessary for you.

5. Let the shoes dry naturally – Although a water spray protection will protect your shoes to a degree, its best to keep them out of the rain. If you are caught in it however, we recommend not putting them near a heat source, and rather, let them dry naturally to preserve their shape, colour and feel.

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Black // Red Brown

Sizes 6-15

Ludlow Driving Moccasins



Dark Brown // Navy

Sizes 6-13

Bentley Driving Moccasins