What to Wear for Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night is one of our favourite days in the calendar with festivals taking place across the country to mark the failure of the gunpowder plot in 1605. Whilst the traditional focus has shifted, we still celebrate it today with great fondness and for many of us, it marks the start of the seasonal change in clothing.

Bonfire night is a chance to dress in large, warm coats and accessorise with hats, gloves and scarves to keep the cold at bay and feel cosy all at the same time. With our guide on what to wear for one of the best nights of the year, you surely cannot go wrong.


A good scarf will keep your neck warm and complement your outfit. The material can vary but the most popular types are wool, cashmere, polyester and cotton depending on how warm you want to feel and the weight.


Although a pair of jeans will look great with almost anything, they’re not the warmest trousers available. If you stick it out though there’s always the possibility of wearing tight thermals underneath to keep your legs warm.


Your coat will ideally keep you not only warm, but also dry in the case that it rains. For Bonfire Night, we recommend a long coat like a Fishtail Parka or a shorter Puffer jacket with good insulation.

Waterproof Boots

You’re most likely to be celebrating Bonfire Night in a field somewhere or watching on from your garden, in any case, a pair of waterproof ankle boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Pair them with thick boot socks that will keep your feet warm.

The Grampian Collection

Starting from £99

‘Grampian’ is a waterproof ankle boot in our best selling ‘Country’ collection that includes premium leather with a heavy cleated sole. The Sympatex lining offers an extreme waterproof solution of up to 30x regular winter boots. The enhanced cushioning of the sole creates a shoe that is completely designed for the great outdoors and for whatever terrain and weather it is tasked with.

Bobble Hat

If you choose to wear a hat there are countless options to choose from. One of the most popular styles is a bobble hat. Keeping your head warm and adding style whilst not breaking the bank.

Turtleneck Jumper

The turtleneck jumper will provide you with extra protection to your neck and keep you warm without the need for a scarf, but again, it never hurt to double up.

Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea Boot, whilst not the warmest, looks good no matter what time of year, and has remained a staple for decades despite changing trends.

Chatham Rachel Chelsea Boots

Trench Coat

The classic and revered Trench Coat has never gone out of fashion, and continues to be seen up and down catwalks today. The style is knows for its weatherproof design and usefulness, containing many pockets to hold everything you may take out with you.

High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans will elongate your figure and provide you with a slimmer overall look. If you need to, you can wear tights or knee socks underneath to keep warm.

Women’s Country Collection

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Our women’s ‘Country’ collection offers styles in a variety of colourways and materials. Our ‘Rachel’ Chelsea boots are sleek and stylish whilst ‘Bereleigh’ and ‘Paddock’ are waterproof and offer high protection from the weather.