Chatham Dudley II Brogue Chelsea Boots

When looking to purchase a pair of shoes, the endless questions you have to ask yourself can be stressful and time-consuming.

You may have seen reference to Goodyear Welted shoes and wondered why they cost more than shoes you may see on the high street. This is due to the cost and labour involved when producing them. The benefits are numerous and if you’re looking for a sturdy, stylish and sophisticated pair of shoes, look no further.


The simplest form of shoe construction is using an adhesive between the upper and the sole to stick the shoes together.

These types of shoes tend to break easier and won’t last as long. Most high street brands will use this technique as it is cheap and lightweight.

Blake Stitch

The Blake stitch is a step up on bonding with the insole and sole stitched together with the upper wedged in between.

This allows for a construction that lasts a lot longer and is thinner in appearance. This method Is used in a lot of dress shoes and is sleek and flexible to walk in.

Goodyear Welt

The Goodyear Welt is the most advanced form of shoe construction with two stiches made. The upper and lining are sewn together to the inside of the shoe, whilst a welt around the outside is sewn to the sole. This way, there are no direct links between the outside and inside of the shoe which is good for water resistance.

The History of the Goodyear Welt

The Goodyear Welt takes its name from Charles Goodyear Jr. Son of Charles Goodyear – the inventor of vulcanised rubber (or the stretchy material found in Chelsea Boots).

During the early-to-mid 19th century, most shoes were produced using the same tools as in ancient Egypt almost 3000 years prior. The invention of the Rolling machine in 1845 sped this up however as the soles of shoes could be made more durable, and the sewing machine came a year later which revolutionised the industry.

A decade later in 1858, Lyman R. Blake created a machine that could sew the soles of shoes to the upper which in turn was known as the Blake Stitch.

Another decade later in 1869, Goodyear Jr. was able to purchase a modified sewing machine that improved upon the Blake stich. The design of the machine took different shape over the six year period between its purchase and final patent but now forms what we know as the famous Goodyear Welt.

Why You Should Buy

The Goodyear Welt construction method provides a whole host of benefits that your average pair don’t possess. Their longevity is unmatched as the sole can be re-stitched later in the products lifecycle to bring new life into them at a fairly easy expense.

The layers between your feet and the ground offer support and comfort whilst the unique stitching provides water resistance as there are no small holes leading to the inside of the shoe. This also differs from the Blake construction as the stitching can often be felt underfoot. Another bonus is that the cork filling will mould to your feet over time and provide a better and more comfortable fit.

The upper will need to be made of quality leather so that the stitching can be as close to the edge of the material as possible. This means that when you purchase Goodyear Welted shoes, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be buying into a well-constructed and superior product.


The classic brogue is a timeless design with intricate detailing for added design aesthetics. The sophistication provides a luxurious peek into the quality of these shoes. Both styles come in tan and dark brown which oozes class and elegance to suit any occasion. Pair these with black jeans, buttoned shirt and a jacket for the perfect formal yet casual look.



Tan // Dark Brown

Buckingham II


Dark Brown // Dark Tan

Chelsea Boot

Easily recognisable with their close fitting and elastic side panel, the Chelsea boot has gone down in folklore as an iconic form of British footwear. Timeless in their style and endurable over time and terrain, this quintessential boot has remained a men’s and women’s favourite for over 200 years – and for good reason. Take these anywhere during the colder wintery months for a solid and comfortable fit.

Dudley II


Black // Dark Brown // Dark Tan



Black // Brown


A smart loafer will look good in almost any outfit, and with a wide variety to choose from you can never go far wrong. The slip on ease of these shoes makes them perfect for smart casual occasions or meeting up with friends during the warmer months and the build quality will never let you down.

McQueen Leather


Black // Dark Brown

McQueen Suede


Navy // Tan

Ankle Boot

This rugged design will keep you warm and protected from the weather whilst the snug fit will leave you feeling warm and comfortable no matter where you go.

Stornoway II


Tan // Dark Brown



Tan // Dark Brown



Red Brown