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With technology rapidly evolving, there are an increasing number of ways to manufacture some of our best loved products. Chatham’s company ethos is different, as a business we will never be about mass production or low cost manufacturing, but instead focusing on producing the very best footwear and ensuring each and every shoe is made to look great and last.



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A wardrobe staple, leather shoes are a must have for most fashion savvy individuals. They are confortable, long lasting and a real timeless fashion statement, but how can we make sure our favourite pair of shoes or boots stand the test of time. Caring for your leather is something that many of us take for granted, but here are a few simple tips to help you increase the lifespan of your favourite leather wears. 

Leather shoes

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Winter shoe styles

21/11/2016 21:00

As we wrap warm and sacrifice jackets for coats, we move from boat shoes and loafers to ankle boots and knee boots. Our style completely changes during the English winter, culminating in a winter woollen jumper. As the fashion changes, we come to you just in time for Black Friday with 3 shoe-tastic styles we recommend for the winter.


Mille boot




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Presents for Her

11/11/2016 12:43

Christmas is almost upon us and  if you haven’t managed to get your act together and buy that present for that special woman in your life, it’s time to get shopping! 


Ladies Deck Shoes

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Winter Walking Boots

11/11/2016 10:33

Choosing the right pair of winter walking boots can make the difference between an enjoyable winter walk, in which you arrive home with your feet dry– or a miserable, toe-freezing trudge, resulting in damp spirits and wet feet. However, if you’re a fan of winter walks, how do you know what you need? Read on, to find out.

Winter Walking Boots

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Despite all the whims and fancies of fashion trends, knee-high and calf-length boots have never gone out of style. They’re practical in poorer weather and suitably svelte when the sun’s out, they’re just as at home with skirts and jeans, as they are with dresses and trousers. A well-designed pair of calf-length or knee-high boots can make you feel confident and either ensure that your silhouette is long and elegant or counterbalance the flows and folds of a floatier ensemble. At Chatham, we’re proud to unveil two superb additions to our collection: the Lena and the Faye.


Faye & Lena Leather Boots


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November Staff Picks

03/11/2016 16:28

Have you treated your feet to November's staff picks?


Image of Quinn Ankle Boot

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The modern gent is a lot more fashion focused than ever before. This need and desire to look and feel stylish has now translated across men who are less concerned on the latest styles, but are still interested in looking sharper and smoother with the growing trend in focusing on how you look.


Image of Ely Oxford Shoe

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3 of the Best: Chelsea Boots

18/10/2016 13:47

Discover three of the best Chelsea Boots from our Autumn/Winter 2016 range:

Lifestyle image of Dudley Chelsea boot

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There can be few things more life-affirming than a stroll in the crisp autumn air. While the summer is glossy with generous greens, autumn is gentler on the senses; a balm of browns and yellows, graced with the occasional conker. At Chatham, we’re lucky enough to have our premises situated right in the heart of Devon, one of the UK’s most beautiful areas. 


Our Favourite Autumn Walks

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