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It’s definitely getting a bit cold now wouldn’t you say? Long gone are the deck shoes. It’s time for Chelsea boots, ankle boots and probably wellies!


With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 of our favourite Women’s winter boots to help you brave the weather in style:


Verona Women's Chelsea boot

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Winter is upon us, it's cold and wet. But that doesn't mean your feet have to be! With moccassins, walking boots and more. The Chatham winter range what you need to treat your feet this winter...


Thistle Slippers

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A New Iconic Leather Brogue

09/11/2015 11:00

Our Autumn/Winter 2015 collection arrived last week which much anticipation surrounding a few new ranges. None more so than the ‘Lewis’ brogue and the ‘Stornoway’ high ankle, brogue boot!


Chatham Tweed Leather Brogue  

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Whatever happened to finely made shoes? It feels like it’s a dying art? So many retail stores bombard us with so many poorly welted shoes these days that it feels like second nature for us to buy a pair of shoes, wear them for a month or two, they split or wear easily and we bin them. What happened to loving our feet? Both from a fashion perspective and a health and support one too!


Image of Nottingham Goodyear Welted brogue

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January the 18th 2014, the day in which Chatham Managing Director Philip Marsh decided it was time for Chatham to create a range of footwear that were ‘Made In Britain’. A very first for Chatham; a shoe designed at our HQ in Exeter, Devon, sourced leather from world famous British leather tannery – CFStead and crafted back at Chatham HQ in our brand new factory!


Image of Chatham Deck Shoes

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Welcome Jack Nowell

27/10/2015 11:12

We welcome England Rugby star Jack Nowell to the Chatham team. Check out our new brand ambassador...


Image of Chatham Team, Jack Nowell, Chris Bentley and Haydn Thomas

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Boy do we have a treat for you. Our friends over at Piper's Farm have cooked up a tasty game pie recipe that will most definitely tickle your taste buds, leaving you feeling warm and satisfied on an Autumn Sunday afternoon! 


Image of Pipers Farm's great game pie.

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Supporting Our Lions

19/10/2015 10:13

Big, big Rugby fans here at Chatham and regular attendee’s throughout the Exeter Chief’s season. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year’s world cup (even though we’re already out). Being close friends with former Chief’s Lock, Chris Bentley, he got in touch about Chatham supplying the Classic Lions with our Bermuda Deck Shoes for their upcoming World rugby tour which, coincidently, will be being held in Bermuda. 


image of former Exeter Chiefs Rugby player Chris Bentley


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The traditional desert boot is a fashion favourite throughout men’s footwear! Historically made with a suede upper and creped sole, inspired by the South African Veldskoen and worn by the British Military, this shoe is now one of the more popular shoes around the fashion world for trendy men.


Lifestyle Image of Chatham's Tor Desert Boots

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Have you ever sailed or yachted around these 5 beautifully alternative hot spots?


Image of sailing yacht in Grace bay, Turks and Caicos

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