Best Boat Shoe Comfort Tips

It’s undisputed, the boat shoe is one of the comfiest pair of shoes you will ever own, but how do you make the right choice of footwear, and what can you do to maximise this?

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-1- The right deck shoe for you

Choosing the right product for you can be tricky with the amount of choice on the high-street, but there are a few tips to follow when looking to buy:

The Material

Leather // Suede // Nubuck

If you’re looking for a deck shoe that is hard wearing, can be used for sailing and looks great, then leather is the perfect choice and will mould to the shape of your foot over time, however, this means that it may take some time to break them in. Other options include suede which is thin and soft, or nubuck which is more hard wearing.

The Style

Lace // Loafer

This one also depends a lot on the use for your new deck shoes. If you plan on being active and taking them out a lot, lace-ups will give you a tighter fit so they’re not falling off. A loafer however oozes the relaxed and smart-casual look.

The Quality

Brand // Quality

The quality of the materials used varied depending on a lot of factors, one being the brand you’re buying from. Again, it’s important to consider where you plan on using your boat shoes and how long you want them to last – spending more money than you would for a quality pair will mean that they last and look better for longer, but this isn’t too important if you’re looking for a pair to hop to the beach to during summer.

-2- Choosing the right size

Deck shoes can often be looser than other styles of shoe meaning that dropping down a size may be an option. The leather will also stretch out as you wear them to fit the shape of your foot, so consider this when trying them on for the first time.

When looking for deck shoes, go into the high street and try on some examples for fit and style, you don’t necessarily have to purchase them there, but it can give you a guideline of what you can expect from online.

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-3- Socks or no socks

Deck shoes are designed to be worn without socks and the inner sole of the shoe is designed for contact with the skin unlike most shoes. However, it can take some getting used to – but what to do when it’s a no go to wear socks with deck shoes?

You can buy shoe liners that aren’t visible from the outside and will give you that extra comfort without anyone knowing. These will help keep your deck shoes cleaner and last longer too. The only downside is that if your shoes get wet i.e. when sailing, then they will take longer to dry.

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-4- Breaking them in

We have a dedicated blog on how to break in your new deck shoes for when you do buy them which can be found here.

For those of you with less time however, the best tips we can give are to wear them around the house before going outside to mould the material to your feet. The pressure points where the material presses against your skin and causes blisters will start to fit better before any pain arises.

If you don’t have the time to do this then placing plasters or tape on known areas will reduce the contact your skin will have with the shoe. Another method is to rub a moisturiser on these areas as it will act as a barrier.  

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