G2 2 Year Guarantee

Chatham G2 2 Year Guarantee

Chatham G2 Registration

Chatham Marine G2 products are guaranteed from manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Please read our terms and conditions, and register you guarantee below. 

Terms & Conditions

1)    Our guarantee is only valid if registered within 30 days of the original purchase, proof of purchase will be required at point of registration and when you come to claim for a replacement, if this cannot be provided no replacement will be issued. We will request the shoes back for inspection at our discretion.

2)    If your items are returned during the guarantee period, due to a manufacturing fault we will repair or replace it, at our discretion, entirely free of charge. This guarantee is only valid if the item has been used in the appropriate conditions suitable for that shoe and does not cover general wear and tear.

3)    In cases where the purchaser has paid sale prices, and we are unable to offer a like for like replacement, we will issue a credit for the original price of the purchase, which can be used on our website.

4)    If a replacement is issued, it will not be guaranteed for a further two years, but will run to the end of the original two year period. Replacement shoes are not valid on a new registration.

5)    Due to the nature of our natural leather products, scuffing & blemishes in the leather may be visible. This is not a manufacturing fault and please refer to our cleaning and care guidance for more information.

6)    Our deck shoes aren’t waterproof due to the moccasin construction. The moccasin construction is very comfortable which is why they are so popular, but they will let in water if worn in wet conditions. This is because the leather uppers are hand stitched through the sole unit. This means they're super durable but also that there are small spaces where water can sometimes permeate.