What to Wear Winter Shooting


The ‘shoot’ is much more than a lifestyle these days. A growing trend throughout the UK; from clay pigeon shooting through to real-life gaming, the trend is growing throughout cultured Britain and this season continues to bring more and more numbers to local farms looking for games.

But what to wear during the new gaming season? Find six of the key ‘must-haves’ a prospecting gamer must have for their attire.

1 – The Shooting jacket


Games take a fair few hours of the day – it’s not just one or two hours and we’re done – shooting is an event, and therefore practicality must be considered! A Tweed jacket goes without saying, it’s part of the heritage of the event. But as you need to be able to stay warm and dry at the same time, more and more jackets are using materials such as Gore-Tex technology, which uses their membrane to ensure you stay waterproof and keep comfortable all at once. Prices for these ranges but you can pick up a nice lightweight option for £80.00.


What to Wear Winter Shooting

2 – The Flat Cap


In Britain we know that the majority of the year it’s going to be raining, in fact our gaming season is without doubt catered and adapted to that fact. There is no hiding the British weather! And in that respect, flat cap becomes the must have for any gentleman off shooting for the day. Make sure it matches your tweed jacket, this isn’t some mix and match (I’ll buy it from the charity store) day out, there is pride and passion within everything shooting stands for.


What to Wear Winter Shooting

3 – The Shooting Vest


More of a fashion statement. The Shooting vest makes you look the part and stands you in good stead when going into the fields with new gamers. ‘Look good’ – ‘feel good’ – ‘shoot good’ is the motto and the waistcoat certainly helps that cause. The more opportunity to stay warm and dry, the better your confidence and the better your performance during the session. It’s part of the 3 C’s – comfort, concentration and confidence – three necessities to performing well during the shoot. Pick one of these up online from £35.00.


What to Wear Winter Shooting

4 – The Trousers


A Traditional gamesman will more certainly have a pair of Tweed Breeks or Plus Fours and knee high socks. Similarly to the vest, the trousers are very much simply for looking good and feeling comfortable! There are many different types of shooting trousers that offer flexibility, warmth and practicality, but to the gamer who stays true to the roots and heritage of the season, you cannot beat a pair of Plus Fours!

5 – Footwear


No look-book would be complete without discussing what needs to be on your feet. The old school shooting enthusiast will preach wellington boots and there is no harm in going for them. They’re practical and keep to tradition, ensuring the whole outfit keeps you dry from head to toe. But for the modern day shooter, a pair of shooting boots may be the answer. Easy to zip into, shooting boots are becoming more and more technical, offering sturdy, supporting heels with waterproof lining as well as high quality leather.

6 – The after shoot


When’s all said and done and you return to your home in the country or back to the city, you pluck your quarry ready to be cooked the next day (check out our ‘Great Game Pie’ blog for a tasty suggestion). This is where after the shoot footwear plays a key role. It’s been a long day and you need to put them up, relax your toes, the balls of your feet and unwind for the evening. Luxury slippers now play a key role for you; the Harrison and Glen are perfect for sitting down with a hot cup of tea and unwinding from a long day of hard work.


Harrison Sheepskin Moccasin Slippers