With this years festival season hotting up, we are excited to hear some of the much anticipated musical line ups across the 2017 calendar. Aside from the music, it’s also hard to deny that festivals provide some of the best opportunities for bold and daring fashion statements. Each year festival goers get more and more daring, whether we are talking Glastonbury, Bestival, V-Festival or one of a whole host of other more intimate localised festival, there is no time like a crazy weekend of camping and mud to make the boldest of fashion statements.


With a weekend of endless dancing, walking and the risk/almost certainty of the standard unpredictable muddy weather, how do you dive foot first into your festival whilst looking out for your feet?


Before you head straight for the closest pair of welly boots, here is our ultimate foot survival guide.


1. Socks, Socks and More Socks


No matter what shoes you select, having the right socks is essential. If you are going to be wearing the same shoes all day and night, having a good padded sock is an absolute must. If you are going to be wearing something like a wellington boot or a leather boot a sock that allows your feet to breath is essential.


Our recommendation is to spend a bit more when it comes to your festival socks and to invest in a quality walking brand that is designed for wear and movement.


2. Choosing your shoes


The tendency when it comes to a festival is to head for your favourite pair of Wellington Boots, and why wouldn’t you, they are fashionable and great for even the muddiest of terrains.


If the wellington is your shoe of choice our recommendation is to opt for something higher quality and to avoid cheaper alternatives on the market that are made with lower quality plastics. Also, longer socks and even socks that come over the top of the boot are often a good option, especially if you are wearing skirts or shorts as this can prevent any rubbing or blistering which can occur if wearing any shoe for prolonged periods of time.




Aside from the trusty wellington, there are also a whole host of great options when it comes to survival at a festival. Our top pick from the Chatham range is the Melbourne boot which is not only waterproof, but is also made with a high quality leather which will allow your feet to breath, giving your feet a better chance of survival than any Welly Boot alternative.




3. Festival Chic


For all the doom and gloom and concerns that your festival weekend will be made up of copious amounts of rain and mud, there is of course also the chance that you could have a sun filled weekend and opportunities to stray from the heavy boots and opt for something a little lighter and more fun. Where flip flops or sandals may be a no go, with every risk that your toes will get trod on by some of the thousands of spectators, a pair of stylish boat shoes could be just what you need, made with high quality leather and available in a range of eye-catching and unique shades.


Chatham-SS17-31 (1).jpg




5. Cleaning Your Shoes

Your festival weekend should never mark the end for your shoes and instead should be the start of more festivals to come. The key is the right cleaning and care for your shoes post festival.


Of course if you choose to go for a waterproof boot or a welly the first stage of cleaning is a wash under the hose pipe, select cold water as this will not damage the raw materials and be careful to keep the water out of the lining and the shoe interiors. If you are cleaning a leather boot the next stage is to select a quality shoe polish in the appropriate colour.

Storing your shoes is also an important factor when it comes to keeping them looking great. Take a look at our article which gives you some tips on the best way to keep your shoes.  

Your feet should be the least of your problems on your epic festival weekend, so make your fashion choices carefully and look after your feet for the most unforgettable festival experience.